Tuesday, 5 August 2008

It's a small world...

I can't believe that I have been working in the busiest store in the Magic Kingdom for 6 weeks and I haven't run into anyone I know or anyone from my area of Bristol! The nearest I managed was a 15 yr old boy who went to QEH and then a couple of days ago I met an American who knew people who lived in Bradley Stoke of all places! LOL!

Americans always seem to presume because you're from England you will know their mate who lives in Newcastle or Liverpool! I have got used to telling people that Bristol is near London now because in American terms it is! 2.5 hours is practically next door if you compare it to America!

Had another amusing guest yesterday who came up to me and said in a really serious voice "I don't know if you can help me... I'm looking for something with Mickey Mouse on it?" I took him as a serious question for a good minute before I realised he was winding me up! LOL. Then he said he had a serious question, he was looking for a hat he had seen in the video Disney sent him when he was planning his vacation "1001 ways to spend money at Disney". Having seen this video I found that very amusing! LOL!!

I also worked out today that I have seen the Spectromagic parade approximately 42 times this summer! LOL. Its only on for another 2 weeks and then they are taking it off temporarily because they are doing maintenance on the bridge to Frontierland (in the middle of August, are they crazy?!) so instead the afternoon parade will be on at 3pm and 7pm but it's only going up Main St and then around the circle by the castle and then back down Main St. It will be different thats for sure!


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