Monday, 4 August 2008

I'm walking right down the middle of Main Street USA...

So my shift today started at 3.30pm (when it was still daylight, shock horror!) but I thought it started at 3.15! So there I was, ready to clock in at 3pm and then it wouldn't let me... so after hanging around for 15 minutes I clocked in, grabbed a Mickey glove and headed for the nearest door onto Main St.


3 O'Clock Parade!!! The one I never get to see because I'm not there in the daytime! So, even though I wasn't being paid to do it, I danced, sang and waved my way through the parade! It was blooming hot out there today as well! At 3.30pm when it finished, I headed back into the air conditioning and one of my managers said "Oh I saw you out there, you were doing a great job!" and I said "It was fun! But I better go get my assignment now and do some proper work! I mean, I already clocked in but I don't actually start til 3.30!" and she went "No way! Wow!"

....and then came and found me 15 minutes later to give me another Guest Service Fanatic card :D Well deserved I think as I stayed in the character and played the part plus gave off a very postitive image and energy in boiling heat for NO money!! :D Gotta love Disney!

With that plus a guest who decided to post-sale ship EVERYTHING she had bought throughout the day to the front of the park (took a total of 40 minutes and lots of forms) I got quite exhausted during my short and sweet 6 hour shift. Managed to leave 10 minutes before Wishes so got to see that as a guest as well :D


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