Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Come and share the excitement and magic, of Disney's Dreams Come True...

Woooo I get to see the full length day parade today for the last time... it's my last day shift whilst the parade is doing it's full trip from Frontierland to Main St. After Thursday it will only be going up and down Main St as I wrote in my last post!

The other day I was supposed to have a day shift where I could see it but they sent me on break at 3.14pm! How unfair! I could actually hear the parade starting to come down main street but they forced me on my break, they wouldn't even let me delay by 15 minutes. Thats the kind of situation when I wish there were more nice co-ordinators like Connie... unfortunately she wasn't in that day and so I lost my battle and had to go on my break. Meh. THEN, they sent me on my last break (which is only 15 mins) at 9.59pm... so right before wishes... this actually had advantages tho becausse 15 mins is not long enough to go all the way to the break room and back so I just sat in the parking lot at the back of the Emporium and watched Wishes from backstage! Only bad thing is that you can't really hear the music from there :(

I have realised how few days off I have left before leaving Florida and I have so many things I want to do!! I think I will have about 5 more days off before I leave and I have just realised I think they might take our disney IDs off us the day before we leave which means we wont be able to go into the parks on our last night :S I will go find out what we can and can't do... I wanted to see wishes that night!!

Had a day off yesterday and not being one to waste a day off (even if I didn't get to bed til 5.15am the night before) I went to downtown disney with Charlotte, Matt and Emma (from work) to see Mamma Mia again but we got the times wrong and ended up seeing Wall-e again (which is a great film anyway!). Then we missed the bus (through NO fault of our own) back to Vista and because they had to get to work we decided to go straight to the magic kingdom. So we got the resort guest bus to the Grand Floridian (got to have a poke around there, took some photos.... very posh) and then the monorail over to MK. They got off at the park and I stayed on, hopped off at the Contemporary (took some more pics) and then got back on to the TTC where I got the A bus back to Vista! Stayed at home for about an hour, then got the C bus to Epcot where I went to see Illuminations (got an amazing spot to stand and met a really nice English family who I chatted to all about being a cast member and they let me stand with them so I got some great photos) then I legged it to the monorail and went over to the Magic Kingdom to see Wishes! LOL. Was great... missed the A bus back at 10.30 by like 1 minute so had to wait for the next one therefore not getting home til about 11.40pm which was a bit lame but brilliant day even if I had to do some of it alone as to lack of people having the same nights off as me!

I have to rush off to work now (1.30pm til 11.30pm... wooooo)!!


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