Thursday, 14 August 2008

Four Parks, One World..... One Day!

What a day!

As we only have limited time left here in Orlando, I have made a list of things I want to do so that I am not on the plane home thinking "Oh, I wish I had done this and that". One of the big ones was doing all four major Disney parks in one day :D And today, me and Victoria managed it, quite easily actually!!

We started bright and early by getting the 8.04am bus to the Animal Kingdom. We got there and sneakily got let in 10 minutes early because we went a way where no-one else was waiting to get in! (No 1 fortunate incident) So that gave us enough time to get to Everest ahead of the crowds, it said 25 minutes queue but even on stand-by we were in and out of it in about 15! Then we went straight over to Dinosaur and did that. By now we were a bit hungry so we went and had breakfast! Then at about 10am we headed out of the first park! Wooo!

We got on the guest bus to Hollywood Studios and got in there at about 10.30am. It was reasonably busy so we got fastpasses for Tower of Terror and then headed over to the Great Movie Ride. When we came out of that the High School Musical 2 Pep Rally (mini parade/show - 2nd fortunate incident) was in full flow so we did a bit of watching that, then went and got churros (which happened to have literally just been cooked and were nice and hot! 3rd fortunate incident!) (Coz you can't go to 'MGM' without churros!) By then it was time to head over to Tower so we went and did that :D We managed to jump the last few people at the front of the queue because there was the fantastic call for "Party of 2??" WOO (4th fortunate incident....). AND we were in the front row! Woop! After Tower we decided to give the Rock n Roller Coaster a go on single riders... we queued for about 35 minutes which wasn't too bad when it was getting so busy there! So after that we headed to the boats to Epcot!

We arrived in Epcot at about 1.30pm and we walked over to China to get the classic Orange Chicken and Rice... yummy! We lounged around a bit there because we were both getting a little tired! Then we went over and did Spaceship Earth and then Journey into Imagination (via the little coca-cola place where you can try different global types of soda.... thanks again Vic for the Italian one which was truely viiiile.). We didn't do the BIG rides at Epcot because a) they were in a different bit of the park to where we were and b)the queues were far too long!

So then we went and got the monorail over to my favourite park, the Magic Kingdom. And we got to sit in the front with the driver!!! Was very fun! Once we arrived, we mooched around a little bit in Main St, got an ice cream and then headed over to Tomorrowland to go on Blue Train! (Actual title is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority!) Then we decided to get fastpasses for Buzz Lightyear's SpaceRanger Spin (and in the process got 'surprise fastpasses' for....get this.... CAROSEL OF PROGRESS! Personally think this is a con to make people go on the ride. LOL.) so we went to the aforementioned Carosel of Progress although didnt use the fastpasses because a) there was simply no need and b) it was hilarious to keep them because it's truely rediculous to give fastpasses for this ride! Hahaa!! Once we were in the right time, we went on Buzz Lightyear and then we went over to Liberty Square and did Hall of Presidents (never have I ever been on such a boring, American ride.... interesting if you like american history and that's it. Don't think it was aimed at British people. LOL.) Then we went on the Haunted Mansion (whoop!) and decided it was time to head over to the Polynesian. Yes... the Polynesian resort.

Why? For Wishes!! We skipped the parade and got the boat over to the resort which I liked (Victoria wasn't such a fan... spiders, lightening and the fact she doesn't like boats. haha).. we had a walk around the hotel (it's Looooovely! I think I actually prefer it to the Grand Floridian!) and I bought some flip-flops Mum will be jealous of. Haha. Then we went out onto the Disney/Man-Made beach they have and even managed to get sun loungers to sit on. (5th fortunate incident!!)The weather was perfect (it had been all day) because it was cloudy and windy! Yes, windy... in Florida! It was fantastic... you will only understand how amazing wind in Florida is if you have stood in queues in 30C+ and 100% humidity! But then we watched Wishes from there because you can see the castle! It was an experience... really nice!!

So then we got back on the monorail to the TTC. And as we walked to the bus stop, it started to spit with rain... uh-oh.... but only once we had finished our day! (6th fortunate incident!) so I decided to put my poncho on just in case... well... 5 minutes later the HEAVENS OPENED. And I mean it POURED with rain... in proper monsoon style! Vic got absolutely soaked and I was pretty wet too!! Even with my poncho on! But it definately finished the day in style, especially when a nice bus driver (yes, they exist) took pity on us all soaked there and took us back to Vista in a minibus he needed to return there anyway (7th very fortunate incident!) meaning we didn't have to wait for the A bus which would have taken about 45 minutes to get there... which meant I got back at about 11.25pm.... so a full 15 hours and 15 minutes of Disney magic today!!!

Really good day and if you look at all the fortunate coincidences we had.. it seems we were a bit blessed! haha!

Absolutely shattered now, hense the lack of grammar and probably full of speeeeling mistakes but never mind!!


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Demi said...

I've spent the last few days reading ur blog and wow, it sounds like it was an AMAZING experience. I first heard of the program about a year ago and was certain I wanted to go and now I'm even more certain. Sure there were some up and down moments, but thats just part of the experience. It sounds like you were so active in those days that you spent in Florida..something that I need to learn lol - esspecially those early must really prepare you for entering the workforce etc.

Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us readers!