Tuesday, 15 July 2008

I wish I may, I might, have the wish I wish tonight...

Well last night I FINALLY got to see Wishes. I was determined to go on my first day off since last week and actually stand in front of the castle and take in the fireworks and the music as a guest rather than bits of the fireworks and the music whilst standing in the doorway of the Emporium.

So I did! And you know what, for the first time... my camera stayed in my bag and I just enjoyed the fireworks and soaked up the atmosphere. And it was amazing..... in fact, it really was Magical. I know that I'm going to try and see it a few more times before I leave and I'm sure I will take photos on those occasions but I noticed so many things I hadn't seen before because I wasn't looking at the digital camera screen.

We actually got to MK at about 7.30pm (me and claire) and we went off to Space Mountain to see the queue was like 100 minutes so changed our mind and went over to Fantasyland... did Mickey's Philarmagic which I have never seen before but it's a really great 3D show with loads of fab Disney music in it which you know I will love! Then we went on Snow White's Scary Adventures as a bit of a joke :) Then we went over to Frontierland to see if we could see Lara at work but she wasn't around so instead we went on Thunder Mountain! Queue was only about 15 minutes... then we stopped at the Jungle Cruise on the way back to Main St which was great in the dark! We saw Wishes and then legged it over to Space Mountain and still had to queue for about 30 minutes but it was fantastic... worth the wait! Then we made our way back to the bus, via the Emporium where I bought the Wishes soundtrack which is something I forced myself to wait to do until I'd seen it!

I've realised I'm a cast member even when I'm not on duty... I'm always on the look out for guests who don't know where they're going, or want a photo taken of them... I managed to chat with 3 children yesterday whilst we were queuing (one of whom tried to stab me with his plastic sword... little pirate!) and when we were waiting for Wishes, we talked to the couple in front of us all about Disney and about their vacation. It passed the time and was really nice because we could answer their questions!!

This morning, me and Victoria went to Cast Connection which is a cool shop across the car park from Disney University where they sell reduced stuff because it's either broken, marked, discontinued or in most cases just overstocked or out of date (e.g. it says 2007 all over it) I bought a lilac hoodie that says Walt Disney World on it for $11!!!! It should have been $49!! :D There's nothing wrong with it at all!!

Got work tonight so am going to watch my newly acquired DVDs which finally arrived from England!


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