Monday, 21 July 2008

A dream is a wish your heart makes...

Ok, so it's been 6 days since I last wrote - shows how little free time I've had as most of it has been spent sleeping!

After writing my last post, I watched High School Musical which was great :) I probably should have spent the time having a nap because I was working the standard 1845 - 0315 stock shift that night... and it was lame as! Because I got put on 'kids hang' which I soon discovered involves sitting in a little stockroom full of kids clothing up on the 3rd floor (where only the managers offices and the restrooms are) with NOTHING to do, waiting for the phone to ring when someone needs a different size for a piece of clothing. I figured after the first 15 minutes it was very boring... I lasted 2 hours before calling down to the front desk and asking them to get someone to relieve me so I could go on my first break, where I managed to aquire some food, drink and a magazine!! :D So the rest of the shift in kids hang went very well, I got paid to sit and read a magazine... did a little bit of putting stuff on hangers but there were literally no jobs to be done up there!

Wednesday 16th was my next day off and so me and Victoria went to MGM studios! It was great, we got there about 1.30pm and had some lunch (guest prices... meh!). Then we got fastpasses for Tower of Terror and went to queue for Rock 'n' Roller Coaster... fantastic as usual. We went on single rider so it only took about 45 minutes in the queue... then we went and did some of the smaller rides that I've never done like Mickey's Philarmagic which was fab! And Walt Disney One Man's Dream and also a show about animation which were interesting! Then we headed back to Tower of Terror (on the way we got Churros!!!!! finally! And this really nice guy gave us some fastpasses for Star Tours which he didn't want anymore) so then we did TT which is fantastic. Then we headed over to Star Tours and the heavens opened... it rained soooo much! We decided to then leave the park and go to the Yaucht and Beach Club Resort to meet the others to have a 'kitchen sink'!

We got soaked leaving MGM and we got on a boat over to the resort which was quite cool. It was nice not to have to get on another bus! After wondering around the resort for a bit and finally finding 'Beaches And Cream Cafe' to have our 'kitchen sink' we met the others and ordered this beast!! I have tried to upload a picture onto here but it won't work! Basically, it's a massive bowl shaped like a kitchen sink and in it is 8 scoops of ice cream, 4 brownies, cake, banana and every topping and sauce they have! It was amazing!!! We shared it between 5 of us!

Thursday and Friday were crappy! I worked 1230 - 2315 on Thurs and 1300 - 0030 on Friday! Having two shifts that long nearly did me in I tell thee! My feet hurt so badly and not even Spectromagic got me feeling magical at the end of 11 hours of work... you can say "think of the money".... but whats depressing is for those two long shifts I earnt the massive amount of $150... which is only £75... and half of that is a week's rent. Meh... Worked Saturday and yesterday as well.. really nothing exciting happened to be honest!

One little incident was when I was doing a bit of tidying on Saturday and a guest came up to me and said "The watch case isn't supposed to be open is it?" and I turned around to find a woman looking and touching the $250 watches in the case... so I went over and said "Did anyone open this for you at all?" and she went "No, it was open." Uh-oh! Not good! Anyway, she preeceded to touch and fiddle with the watches before declaring she wanted to show her sister in law in another room of the shop so I had to lock the cabinets and chase after her where she then practically threw the watches around... I'm like... they cost $250 and $105, show some respect! They were both wearing Gucci so I spose they weren't expensive to them but the point remains! Anyway, I directed them to the watch shop across the other side of main street and luckily off they went, leaving me to put them back into the case safe and sound!

Went to UPS on saturday to post a package to Tom... it only weighed 6 ounces and yet it cost me $12!!! And they told me it would take 10 days! 10 freaking days! Today I went to the US Post Office and mailed 2 packages plus 2 cards to two different countries and the whole lot only cost me $22 and they said it would only take 7 days!

Tonight is an easy shift 1715 - 0015 and I'm on sales which is good... plus I have lots of fun things planned for the next 2 days off which are my free days YAY!!!


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