Sunday, 13 July 2008

I am sixteen, going on seventeen...

Following my post yesterday I was speaking to someone at work who told me the stupidest thing she'd heard about was a woman holding a map and saying to the cast member "I can't find any of these rides!".......She was holding a Seaworld map. LOL.

Just a small note today because I have to rush off to work soon for my shift until 4am (yeah, insane, I know)... yesterday I helped a family who seemed to have a lot of kids. So I asked them if they were all related and this is how the conversation went:

Me: Wow you have lots of people in your party... so how many of you guys are related?

Girl: All of us!

Me: Oh, what, are some of you half brothers and sisters..

Girl: Nope, all full brothers and sisters. There's actually 14 of us...

No everybody, that's not a typo. FOURTEEN CHILDREN!!! Apparently the oldest 3 weren't on vacation with them but that's still like... 11 children at Disney for a holiday. And my mum got stressed with four!! Oh and by the looks of it there was another one on the way which is a bit insane. They were from Texas.



P.S. They spent $450!! And the guest before that spent $600! It was an expensive evening for them and a good one for the Emporium!

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