Saturday, 12 July 2008

Have a magical day!

Just thought I would do a quick post about most commonly asked questions and comments from the guests so far... just been reading a facebook group full of them and it made me laugh a lot because I recognise those questions!!

Most stupid question was when I was on registers in Emporium, a woman came up to me and said "Excuse me, which direction are the rides??" Erm.... in the opposite direction to where you have just walked in the entrance... main street only goes two directions - towards the park and towards the exit. DUH!

Another silly question I got asked twice when I was on door greeter was "Is there a parade or something about to happen?" No madam...they just put the ropes up and people sit around on the kerb sides for 2 hours for fun.... oh and also "Does the parade come down main street?" (Look on your map and find out!)

Another one... at 1am.... "When do you close?" NOW!!!! The clue is in the fact you are the only customers and it's dark outside....

Most commonly asked question is "Where are the restrooms?"... bit like SJA duties then. HAHA.

Most frequently said comments to me include "Are you english?" (Yes, it says I'm from England on my it!), the immortal "Oh, I love your accent"... "Have you met the queen?"... "Princess Diana was such a beautiful person and those kids are adorable"... the most stupid comment to do with royalty was "Who's going to take over the head of the country when Queen Victoria stops?" Erm....

Hope that provided you with some laughs...


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