Friday, 25 July 2008

He's the leader of our gang, that's made for you and me... M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E

Well, I have been a very busy bee for the last 3 days!!

Monday I worked until 2.15am which was alright. Tuesday I ended up having a lie in instead of going to the Florida Mall which I'm going to do this Tuesday instead... I went to Cast Connection instead as well as the bank at Disney University and also costuming to return one of my shirts which was far too big! (long story involving me having to get the next size up because there were only manky shirts left in my size, nearly being late and having to fast walk/eat Subway to work ending with me clocking in only 4 minutes before the shift started!)

I bought loads of stuff, I spent $33 and it should have cost me $110!! Highlights include a photo album that has practically nothing wrong with it, a 2008 photo frame with a tiny chip which can be hidden, a United Kingdom Epcot shirt for $4, some Minnie ears with a purple veil (so cute!) and some stickers! Got back home for abour 4pm and then I went out for All You Can Eat Chinese food... why does practically everything in america have to involve those 4 words?!

Was yummy though... realised I could make it to Magic Kingdom for the fireworks at 10pm even though it was 9.05 when we left the Chinese. So.... I jumped on the A bus when we got back to Vista Way and he got me to MK in 10 minutes! Got there at 9.30pm, got on the Monorail and charged up Main Street and was in front of that castle at 9.50pm!! That is quite an achievement!! Saw wishes but my camera batteries had run out so I didn't take any pics! Had to contend with the rest of the crowds to get out of Main St... attempted to go into the tunnels and beat them but it failed so I had to jostle my way out.... then for some OBSCURE reason I decided to go on the ferry over to the TTC instead of the Monorail.... never again! Got caught in the middle of a Brazilian tour group and it was pretty hellish! Got home at like 12.30am!

On Wednesday, me and Victoria went to see 'Mamma Mia' at the cinema!!! Was soooo funny! Loved that film... so getting the DVD when it comes out... hopefully around my birthday would be good! We grabbed some food at McDonalds, yeah healthy I know, and then we went to Give Kids the World which is a Volunteering (or Voluntears as Disney put it... ears...mickey... gettit??) thing for Cast Members to do. You go to this place called Give Kids The World Village and it's where they put up families who have terminally ill children, give them Disney and Universal tickets and generally help them have a great vacation... we go there to give the parents a break for a couple of hours. So I got a bit facepainted and we played games. Then we did some kareoke ('Village Idol') high school musical songs no less, and then we got picked up at 9pm and brought back to Vista Way. Quite fun really!

Then on Thursday, Victoria and I had already decided we would go to Epcot because she had the day off and I wasn't working til 8.15pm.... so at about midday we caught the bus over there and arrived at backstage Epcot which was quite amusing because we didn't know where the hell we were going! So, we got on this bus and the bus driver preceeded to give us a guided tour of backstage Epcot which was rather amusing. We got off the bus in Canada and did a walking/photo tour of the World which was really fun! We ate in China and ended up in Futureworld where we did some of the sitting down/air conditioned rides before getting the monorail over to Magic Kingdom.

Donated more money to Disney there because I had more food and we walked around the shops a bit. Did the new Monsters Inc show called 'Laugh Floor' which was fun! Then at 7.40pm I went down to get ready for work... only did 6 hour shift last night which was really good actually. Got put on registers in the Princess room for most of it and then stocking mugs and cups which apart from us not having enough stock left, was quite easy and didn't involve any sizing!! Wooo! Got home at about 3am and slept in til 1pm today because I am working a beastly shift tonight.... 7.30pm til 4am... plus it's Extra Tragic Hours tonight so the park is actually open til 2am... at least I am on sales.


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