Saturday, 28 June 2008

To inifinity and beyond!!

So I still haven't been to see Wishes! It's nearly a week since I arrived and I haven't seen it yet... shocking! We attempted to go again on that day I last posted but again it was raining so we went to Downtown Disney instead. So I ended up back in Downtown for the second time that day! But it was still fun, we went to have fish and chips at an Irish themed place (I actually had a big chicken nugget thing) but the chips were really good.... not fries! Then we just walked around the shops until they shut at 11pm... I bought some postcards which I have to post at some point!

So that was Thursday. On Friday I got up bright and early at 6am to get ready for the second 'professional training' day where I have to wear the very hot clothes e.g. black trousers and a shirt... but luckily all our training was inside Disney University. It was called 'Merchantainment' and it was quite fun. Some more cheesy Disney videos... you gotta love them! Then some e-training which started off ok when we were learning how to use the cash tills by being shown examples and then doing it yourself. It got a bit boring when we had to watch videos about counterfeiting money and exercises of how to deal with it (if you suspect to be handling fake money... not making fake money! haha!). The session was only 8-12.30 so I came home and got changed.

At about 3pm I got the bus over to MGM... sorrrrrrry, 'Disney's Hollywood Studios'... whatever. Still MGM to me. haha! It was soooo hot. We were going to meet up with Vic and her sister (who is out here doing the year long program) but they were on a ride so we ended up going on the Great Movie Ride which I have never been on... the guy who was doing the spiel was bloody annoying tho so we didn't enjoy it that much :( Then we came off and met Vic and her sister before heading over to see what queues for Aerosmith and Tower of Terror were like... answer: too long. So we went to get a snack for tea... I had a chicken caesar wrap (which was a bit horrible to be honest!) before deciding to go on the Backlot Tour. That was a bit more fun and took up about 40 minutes.... then we went back to Tower of Terror which only had a 20 minute queue!! It was great!!

Then we went back over to Aerosmith and decided to just join the 70 minute queue because we had that exact amount of time to kill before Fantasmic. Turns out we were only queuing for about 45 minutes!!! WOOO!! And LOOOOOOOVE Aerosmith! I almost forgot how good it was!! It was brilliant. Having had our dose of adrenaline, we went into the amphitheatre for Fantasmic.

Last year when we were in Florida for a holiday, I didn't want to see Fantasmic because I thought it was boring and I didn't remember enjoying it when I saw it in 2004. But last night... well, let's say I was very wrong!!

Fantasmic was Fantastic!!!!!!! Love love love the cheesy Disney music and how Mickey disappears and reappears and the fireworks! It's just great. And a good substitute for Wishes seen as I haven't seen it yet! Anyway, after having no rain all day it started to drip-drop as we were walking out of MGM... and by the time we finally found the Cast Member bus stop it was pouring! So we all got a bit wet but it was a fantastic day!

This is a long blog post! Well done if you have got this far! Today I got up at 5.30am. 5.30am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For a very good reason and it was worth it tho! We got on the bus and finally got to the University (there was a bit of palava... cannae be arsed to explain but American Coaches should have bigger buses....) at 7am just in time. Then we got split in half and luckily I was in the first group who then got taken onto another bus.

When we arrived at MK we walked through security, past the keen beans who were queueing to get into the magic kingdom at 7.30am! Wierdos!! Anyway, they looked at us like "why do you get to just walk straight in??" but we did because we rule. Blatently. Then we had THE most amazing view of Main Street USA....

Completely empty.
This park can get up to 80,000 people in it so to see it empty is really something special... no... magical!! So we got taken around a tour of the Magic Kingdom which was really fun, lots of geeky Disney facts and we saw the first few guests enter the park. We paid for this training! We therefore got paid to go on Buzz Lightyear's SpaceRanger Spin and It's a Small World! We were going to go on the Haunted Mansion but it was shut! Boooooo! Then we got taken backstage which I can't say a lot about because it would spoil the magic... sorry! But it was really fun!
We headed over to DU to get our costumes at about 1pm. That was fun. Not. The sizes of the costumes are completely off.... some people had 2 or 3 sizes off what they usually were! Personally I was between sizes with my skirt (the smaller one was too tight and the bigger one too loose) and my blouse was perfectly sized until I realised I had to do it up round the neck (hot or what?!) and my neck was too big! So I had to get the next size up! I promise you will get some lovely pictures of me in my costume soon!!
After that, more e-learning which was on the whole, boring. We finally headed home at about 3.30pm. And that was my day! Tonight we are going to Cici's Pizza.... all you can eat for $3.99 (cast member special price!!) you gotta love America!!!

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