Thursday, 26 June 2008

I'm walking down Main Street USA....It's the heart of America, the heartbeat of a holiday....

Yes, July 4th is approaching... and you can tell! Every Disney shop is adorned with Mickeys in red, white and blue with some sort of flag. I am quite looking forward to it because I've never been in America on their Independence day... wish England had something like it.... oh yeah, we do... St. George's Day. Which we don't really celebrate. Meh, we should all be as patriotic as the Americans! Anyway, it's practically the busiest day of the year at DisneyWorld... according to my bible/Disney guide, the parks reach capacity in early afternoon.... CAPACITY!

Like, even in mid August when it seems really busy, the parks do not reach capacity! Apparently, if cast members are caught in the park on July 4th when they are not working, they get TERMINATED!

Talking of TERMINATION, that was a major theme during Traditions which I didn't even mention! What happens if you drink under 21? You get TERMINATED! What happens if you hold a drink for someone else and you're under 21? You get TERMINATED! What happens if you swear at a guest or a manager, including in other languages? You get TERMINATED! What happens if you take home some unwanted food from your quick service hot dog stand that you work at? You get TERMINATED! You get the idea....


Anyway, quick update of today - this morning I went to the Partners bank (the bank for Disney employees) and set up a "checking account". Now, I have never set up a bank account before (my HSBC one was done by my parent when I was about 11!) let alone one in America where they have loads of different terms and words for things... i.e. checking. So, that was a fun hour spent... but I did get it set up in the end complete with direct debit thing for when I start getting paid. (Apparently we get paid for Traditions and training too... woo!) Then I came home, battled with my phone card trying to call Tom, had some lunch and then went out to Downtown Disney to get a purse which would fit American money because all this week I have been carrying my money around in an envelope... not very safe!

It started spitting whilst I was on the bus to Downtown... and 5 minutes after I walked into World of Disney (biggest Disney shop in the world I think they said) the heavens opened and boy, did it rain!!! And continued to rain and rain and rain... it's still raining now... English kind of non-stop, drizzle. It's only about 22C which feels cold to me now!! I didn't end up seeing Wishes last night because of the rain and I don't think we'll be seeing it tonight now either! Meh!


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