Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Hey there, hi there, ho there, it's a Disney kinda day...Mickey and his friends are calling for you to join the Disney parade!

Wow, what a couple of days!

Apologies I haven't been here sooner, I made a couple of attempts to come on the computer and post a long post about what I've been up to but been soooo tired because of training that I decided sleep would be a better option! So, today is my day off and I have got round to keeping you guys updated!!

Saturday: I posted on Sat, so you know mostly about that. We went to Cici's Pizza which cost me a grand total of about $6 for loads of pizza, pasta, pudding/cake type things and a drink!! Woooo for all you can eat! Felt slightly sick afterwards but it was worth it! haha!! I got an early night because it was my first day of training the next day.

Sunday: Woke up and got my glad rags on (i.e. costume). It felt like my first day at school... putting on crisp new clothes (well, they are 60% polyester!!) and feeling a bit wierd being dressed like that! Here's a photo of my costume!

Brilliant isn't it! Well, I actually quite like it... I don't think it's very Disney to come here to work and just wear something boring! The necktie gets a bit hot at times because it's so close round your neck... ditto the waist bit. I actually wore a longer skirt on Sunday than pictured and it annoyed me so much because it kept dragging along the ground. So I went to costuming after work and managed to get my hands on a shorter skirt which actually fitted me better round the waist too!

Anyway, got to work in good time and met Charlotte who is from Wales, doing the same job as me as well as another lady called Carrie (I think) who was from Wisconsin... much amusement ensued throughout the day figuring out what different words meant in UK and USA and discussing the monarchy during our breaks. The first day of training really just consisted of going over stuff we had already learnt like how to use MATRA (the POS system.... ie.. the till) and the 'Disney basics'... then we did an hour actually serving customers which was really scary!!

It wasn't even busy but trying to get used to using a real till (not a training one), actually counting back the money correctly, never mind the fact it's also in a currency I don't know and also trying to Be Disney to the guests was pretty tricky! It was fun though! Was quite exhausted by the end of the day but we decided to meet up in the evening and go to TGI Friday's at Cross Roads (near to Chatham Square). It was actually a really nice meal and you realise how much cheaper it is at TGIs in the US when I had chicken fingers, fries, a drink, a brownie obsession and tip all under $20! (That's £10 guys!!) We were all pretty exhausted by then so we headed back to Vista Way.

Monday: I got up bright and early and managed to get to work early! I was there at about 8.50am and my shift didn't start til 9.30am so I went to the Mouseketeeria (yes, it really is called that!) for a bit of a snack breakfast. Went along to my training and met my second trainer called Judy - she was really nice! The 2nd day of On the Job training was pretty much like the first except we did a bit more time on the tills. We decided to go to Epcot to see Illuminations which I really wanted to do. So even though I was still tired, I got back from work at about 5.35pm to realise I had left my key in the apartment!! Lame!!! Security told me someone would come round and let me in at 6pm... brilliant. Well, lucky for me, Sheila came back from work at about 5.50pm and let me in. So had about an hour to get changed before going back out for the bus to Epcot.

We went and did the Nemo ride, Spaceship Earth and Mission: Space before going to find somewhere to stand for Illuminations. It was quite good although my photos didn't come out very well! We walked to the shops to get out of the crowds and had a look around. Anna decided she wanted to buy some sherbert so we joined a queue to pay and it took ages and ages and ages... you know why?? Because some woman decided to buy $515 of stuff!!!!! Then we had to try and get back to the cast member entrance to get our bus which we only had about 20 minutes to do (otherwise we'd have to wait another hour!). That was fun seen as none of us were Epcot cast members! So, we basically walked/almost ran the whole perimeter of the park, in the dark, backstage to find the exit! We eventually found it and saw the bus indicating and starting to pull away so we legged it, screaming and waving and he stopped! Yay! The bus was absolutely packed but at least we caught it!

Tuesday: The day started very badly. I woke up at 8.20am. I was supposed to be starting work at 9am. OH MY GOD was my first thought when I realised very soon after waking up! I decided to just get the first bus and run along the tunnels because I didn't think a taxi would actually get me there any faster! I threw my clothes on and just about had enough time to clean my teeth, ran to the bus stop (called Charlotte on the way to let her know!) and again, a bus was just pulling away! So again, I ran and screamed and he stopped for me (thank GOD!). Jumped on the bus and willed it to go fast! Got to the TTC at MK (Transport and Ticket Center aka the guest entrance) which we can't get off at when we're in costume so stayed on the bus to Disney University and realised whilst on the way I had forgotten my neck tie!! So when we arrived at DU, I legged it into costuming (convieniently situated at the bus stop) and literally grabbed a neck tie and then ran back to the bus stop. Lucky (again) for me, the bus was ready to go to the cast member entrance to MK. It was about 8.55am when we arrived which is fine except for the fact that where I have to clock in is situated below the emporium... at the other end of magic kingdom... so I had to half run, half exhausted walk, sweating like a pig the horrible long tunnel which takes you to Main Street USA.

I clocked in at 1 minute past 9. ONE MINUTE PAST!!!! Normally this would mean that I get a point for being late (3 points = reprimand) but luckily the manager took pity on me as it was only my third day and he erased it off my record! Phew! All in all, a lot of luck and nice people made sure that oversleeping didn't affect my day too much.

Oh yeah, and it was about 26C all this time so I was boiling hot in a polyester costume too! One thing is for sure - I am not oversleeping ever again!! But to manage to go from sleep to backstage at Main Street in about 40 minutes is pretty much a world record I reckon!

I was exhausted but we had already arranged to go and see the rehearsal for the July 4th fireworks at MK but being late meant I had forgotten my clothes! So, big hassle meant I had to go alllll the way back to vista, get changed in 15 minutes and then go alllll the way back to the magic kingdom! Got back at about 7.30pm and met up with Victoria and Charlotte who I had had to abandon whilst I went back to Vista! I went and grabbed some food and then we did the immortal Carosel of Progress before getting our seats for the parade.

We sat at the very beginning of the parade, literally where it comes out from backstage. Before it started me and Victoria enjoyed (a little too much) taking part in the PAC games (Parade Audience Control) which were aimed at 5 year olds... i.e. head, shoulders, knees and toes.... YMCA.... etc etc. This is why I love being a cast member - you totally lose your inhibitions when at Disney and just get involved!!

The parade started and it was amazing... the advantage to being where it starts is that you can watch the whole thing and then walk through the deserted Emporium and get to the statue of Walt (outside the castle) and stake out your place for Wishes, or in our case, the 4th July fireworks. We got a great spot and waited around for about 20 minutes until it started. Well... I love wishes more than anything and I think the fireworks themselves were up to scratch with that but the music wasn't! It was all this traditional american stuff - it was sooooo tacky!!!! Hilarious though!! Mainly because we weren't American and so could take the Mickey Mouse out of all the "God bless america", "our great nation" etc etc etc etc.... Got some great photos and I really hope I can see it again actually on July 4th after work surrounded by americans because I think that would be an experience!!

Seen as I had the day off today I went into the park after the fireworks with Victoria and Charlotte. We headed straight to Thunder Mountain and walked straight on. OMG, I have never done any outside ride in the dark... it was incredible!! A whole new ride really! I loved it!! Then we went to get some dole whip (i.e. WHIPPY!.... as in ice cream.) and then went on the haunted mansion which I haven't done since 2004 and it was really good!! Much better now they have revamped it! We went over to space mountain but the queue was still 60 minutes so we decided to head back.

I didn't get to bed til gone 1am so now I am still tired! Think I will go and have an afternoon nap now actually! Went to Walmart this morning which wasn't fun because I had a banging headache and the bus was packed. Got what I needed including some absolutely beautful shoes (SARCASM) for work... only $30 and they are Dr. Scholl ones with gel soles so I'm hoping they will be comfortable especially with my dodgy toe (long story).

Anywhoo, this post is very long so will sign off now!


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