Sunday, 1 June 2008

Just around the riverbend...


A few weeks ago, our St John Ambulance duty at the Poole Festival of Running seemed like months away... and I worked out that when I was doing that duty it would only be three weeks til I left for Florida. Unbelievable. Well, today was that duty!

It hasn't really sunk in that I am actually going to be 4350 miles away even though I talk about Disney and Florida non stop these days to anyone who will pretend to listen! The first lot of people went out on May 25th and it's wierd to think that they have been out there for a week now... having heard vaguely through Facebook that they've heard where they are working and have recieved their costumes it seems like worlds away to me, still in Bournemouth where I've been for the last 5 weeks!

It's only 2 days until the summer project presentations and then I have a couple of essays to hand in and I'm done for the first year! After Wednesday, I am going home to Bristol for a few days to help out with a film with the ITV Workshop people and catch up with some friends ( - check it out! Come back to Bourney next Tuesday for 4 days and then it's the final trip home on Sunday 15th... following that I have a week at home and then I'm off! Hopefully the next two weeks will fly by and then it's just the packing that has to be done.

I am getting really excited (can't you tell??) but also a little bit scared of the heat, meeting new people, living with new people, having a new job, being in a different country from my family and friends, missing people etc etc. However, having said that, I know this summer is going to bloomin' fly by!!!



Tinkerbella said...

Hey Catherine,
I'm Gina, and i hope you don't mind but i've been reading through your blog (which I found on a facebook forum. I thought I better introduce myself because it kind of feels like I'm snooping when all I am is sooo interested and jealous.
Here's a little about you, i'm 19, i actually live between southampton and winchester, and i go to university in Cheltenham and study Broadcast Journalism, and i love disney!!

I was wondering how you got into the whole applying for disney, how you heard about it etc? and i hope you don't mind but i'm going to continue reading to see how you get on over there. A friend of mine went on the 3rd, which got me so interested, she, i think, is working in maybe you'll get to know her! ha!

Anyway, i hope i haven't scared you!! and i hope we can talk more.

Gina x x x

Catherine said...

I'm not too sure how to reply to you on a blog so I figured I'd send a comment back on my own post!! Hi!! I dont think it's wierd at all... the reason I first got into the whole going to disney thing was because I read blogs of other people who had been! We have quite a lot in common with the age, degrees and area of the country! LOL! I'm originally from Bristol but I'm currently in Bournemouth.. how coincidental! Anywhooo... the best place to go is the website for the international programs which is where you can send in your initial application

They hold interviews in November and March so I think the next time you can apply for the program is probably in September time but if you email yummy jobs ( who control all the applications/interviews etc then they can tell you more... they're really helpful!

Nice to know someone is reading the rubbish I write! I will continue it through the summer so I hope you enjoy it! Cat x