Sunday, 18 May 2008

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down....

It's 5 weeks today until I am on that plane on the way to the US of A! My excitement is building especially as I have done my celebrate project and handed that in which is one of the hurdles for this term (I think it was pretty rubbish in the end, especially in comparison to lots of other peoples projects but meh... whatever!) and also today I have just bought my medical insurance!

After watching a programme on telly yesterday about holidays that have gone wrong and people not being able to claim their medical expenses I realised how important it is... one guy had nearly a million dollars of medical bills! It's obscenely expensive in America for medical treatment... *new found respect for the NHS* So anyway, eventually I decided to go with Diamond which I think specialises in insurance for women but I have my car insurance with them which is part of the reason I went with them.. they're pretty decent. The policy I have got for Florida covers £10million of medical expenses plus lots of other bits and bobs such as lost luggage, delayed flights, curtailment of the trip etc etc. I had to phone them up to check it was alright for my to work with this insurance but they said it was fine as long as I wasn't operating heavy machinery or working at great heights! It came out to about £80 in the end (including a copy of the certificate to be posted and the excess waiver) which is pretty decent for 70 days of cover.

I only have one more thing to pay for now which is the housing assessment fee... all $86 of it... another extra cost however I think it pays for my bills and internet and stuff once we're there which is good. I was going to go ahead and pay for it today but I went through several stages online before realising they didn't accept Maestro cards... meh. I have just applied for a Mastercard though for emergencies so I will probably wait to see if I get that in the next couple of weeks and then pay for it. I think it's the kind of thing I could pay for months ahead or just a week ahead really.

It's getting quite exciting, preparing for the trip... I have to make another trip to Primark and invest in some new shorts and pyjamas!! Oh, and get some suncream!


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