Tuesday, 10 June 2008

"I can finally see it, now I have to believe it...the world is made of faith and trust and pixie dust..."

Ooh, less than 2 weeks until I fly out now! How exciting! It's 12 days if I am going to be exact which doesn't seem like a long time at all... although it hasn't really sunk in that everything is finally happening... it still seems like my Disney adventure is months away and I have loads of hurdles to jump before I get there.

I have pretty much got all my clothes ready, I just need a trip to Boots for things like suncream and shampoo and get my bits and bobs ready like photos to take! As I haven't moved back from University yet, I can't start to pack so on Sunday (with a week to go!) I am moving all my stuff back from Bournemouth and then I can seperate it into stuff I am taking and stuff I'm not.

It has been really hot the last few days - about 24C in Bristol (which is where I have been for a few days) and apart from the weekend being really surreal as I have been involved in filming a Christmas film complete with fake snow, a tree and carols, I have been thinking about how hot it's going to be in Florida! You can get a feeling for it when it's warm here but add in the really high humidity and pure strength of the sun....it's going to be pretty intense! Definately need to get some suncream.

I have been chatting to people on Facebook, some who are on my flight and some who are not, many of them are going to London tomorrow to meet up but unfortunately I can't really afford to go and this week is going to be busy busy busy with trying to tie up my loose ends, do my last few duties for SJA, handing in my 2 essays and of course packing. I am sure it will be fine because we are all going to meet up at the airport and hopefully we will all be living near each other anyway once we arrive.

Sarah, whom I met at the interview day, and actually had my interview with, was put in a resort rather than a park.... I fear this will happen to me... I don't think she is 100% happy with it and I really hope I get put in a park, I don't mind which one but I think I would prefer it to a hotel. I think whatever I am given I will get on with and try to work with, you have to give things a chance but I really hope I am in a full on Disney park! Fingers crossed...


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