Wednesday, 25 June 2008

It's supercalifragilisticexplialidocious!

I'M WORKING IN THE MAGIC KINGDOM!!!! Not only that, but in Main Street USA! In fact, in one of the biggest DisneyWorld shops, the Emporium (as far as I can tell... that's not official yet!). I am reeeeally pleased because I didn't want to be put into a resort but it's the longest opening hours of any part of the DisneyWorld Resort!!

I found this out yesterday but I was so busy I didn't have time to come online and write up a blog post! We had a session at the Pavilion in the morning where we found out where we were working (rather like the same feeling I had going to recieve my exam results...) and then we handed some forms in and stuff. Came back for an hour or so before heading back to The Commons... did yet more powerpoint watching and form filling. Then we came back to Vista and I went to do WalMart Part 2! Only spent 45 minutes in there this time and like $35 which is a bit better, still no make up remover so I headed to Walgreens today and finally got some for like $5... rip off! At least I now have some! I came back from WalMart and then we went to Downtown Disney again and the coolest thing happened!!

We decided to go to Planet Hollywood (there was 8 of us) and the people at the door said it was an hour and 10 minute wait so we were like, lets put our names down, do some window shopping and come back... until Anna mentioned "We're cast members!" The magic words it seems! The woman went "Oh, ok, wait 2 minutes!" So we waited a few minutes and she came back and we got led to a table for 8 right in the middle of Planet Hollywood! We had massive meals and got absolutely stuffed... THEN we got 20% off for being cast members as well! WOOOO!! So, fantastic night basically!

Today was traditions which loads of people say is really boring but I didn't think it was. Had to get up at 6am which was a bit lame (and felt very like the first day at sixth form, putting on my suit trousers, brand new shirt and shoes with heels!) because it's business wear so you have to look nice and fit "The Disney Look". They are quite strict too. Headed over and got the bus at 6.50am and was at the Disney University for about 7.30am... yes, there is a Disney University!

Traditions was 4 hours long and basically was a class covering everything from sexual harrassment at work, discrimination, how to deal with a medical emergency (blates knew that already), Disney ethics, customer service, laws, taxes etc. etc. etc. etc. With a few properly cheeeeeesy Disney montage films thrown in for fun! I found it quite interesting apart from the tax and laws bit, that was properly boring! The films made me really excited to get out there and become a cast member properly, dealing with guests and doing my job! Especially as I hopefully will be in a nice, cold, air conditioned shop! Woo!

And I got my badge today which was uber exciting! I have put a rubbish photo on here and will take a decent one when I upload my next load of photos! You can check out my facebook to see the first album of pics! I might make a little montage thing to put on here tho, if you can't access my facebook! :D

I am going to see Wishes tonight as I now have my Cast Member ID and so can get into the parks for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! WOOO!!!

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