Tuesday, 24 June 2008

It's the start of something new....

Wow, three posts in one day! Whats wierd is that I have had such a busy day and yet from all this typing you would have thought I was bored in the apartment! Alas no!

We went off to The Commons and had a housing talk that went on and on and on for an hour and a half although it was quite entertaining. Then there was a lot of talk of going to Wal Mart which we all needed to do quite badly. So, eventually it was decided that six of us would go back to Vista Way and get a taxi (for some inexplicable reason the wal mart bus isn't running today, instead it goes to the Florida Mall...). Eventually we got the taxi and walked into Wal Mart at 3.15pm....

TWO hours and $120 later, I had everything I needed except make up remover - couldn't find it anywhere! I managed to get some bargains such as a toaster for $6 (won some brownie points with the flatmates there too!), a combination lock for $4, a Pooh bear lanyard for $4 and biggest of all - a phone for $30! So that's £15 for a nokia phone which comes with 300 minutes for free (I think it works out to 200 minutes if calling internationally). As far as I can see, a text either sent or recieved costs half a minute of calling time... get it? What tempted me was that it was only $0.15/minute to call the UK! I have to get it verfied which can take up to 48 hours tho.

If you want it, my "cell phone" number is: 407-455-2951. Don't ask me how to call that from the UK because I have no idea but give it a go! Hehe! And when it's all verified I will be able to call you for cheap! :D

We just popped down to Downtown Disney for a bit this evening, me and Victoria (the one I sat next to on the plane) went to a really nice place called Wolfgang Pucks which was like a McDonalds crossed with a Bottelinos... it was well nice! I had 2 side orders (best idea ever) of Macaroni Cheese and my favourite, Caesar Salad! Whoop! This came to a total of $8.50... a bargain dinner of only £4.25 and I was full afterwards... not surprising seen as all I had eaten all day was 2 cereal bars and spent the afternoon lugging heaving shopping bags back to my apartment!

My flatmate Shiela (yes, I got her name right, some small investigative glances at her suitcase labels confirmed it!) seems really nice, she is the one from Mexico. Kelly was asleep when I came in at about 5.30pm and she is fast asleep now which is a bit of a pain in the bum because I want to go and sort my room out, have a shower and wash my hair etc which I can't do if she is asleep in there (hairdryers cause lots of noise remember...) So I guess I will do it tommorrow, she leaves at like 7am anyway!

Tomorrow we find out where we are working.... scary stuff!!! (Went to the Christmas Shop in DD today.... LOLness if I get put there for the summer!!)


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