Friday, 11 April 2008

Go The Distance...


Well, have I been busy! Got back from Bournemouth on the 28th March (Friday) and had Saturday at home, then have been in Clarks every single day except for last Friday, Sat and Sun (4-6th April) because I was attending the St John Ambulance LINKS Conference in Nottingham (for all the student members of SJA) which was fabulous. Since I came back from Nottingham I have been in Clarks every day and in 4 days I did a total of 32 hours! Today is my day off and then I have one more day off (next Wednesday) before I go back to Bournemouth on Sunday 20th. So, why have I been working so much?

Because I have booked my flight! Woooo! £662.60! Went with Virgin Atlantic in the end, through their website as I figured a) it wasn't going to get any cheaper, b) lots of Disney people are getting that flight and c) Virgin Atlantic is fun to fly with!! Last Thursday, just before I left for Nottingham I recieved my "Disney Pack" in the post which was VERY exciting!!

It contained information on booking flights, general stuff about being a cast member and the most thrilling bits which were the "Disney Look Book" (basically a whole book telling you how you should or should not look whilst in costume), luggage tags and Mickey stickers to wear at the airport. The last thing I need to get now is my Visa application forms which will be uber fun to fill out so I really hope I recieve them before I have to go back to Uni because I have the feeling I will need Dad's help to fill them out! Also I then have to book an Embassy appointment which is sure to be fun.

So, another 40-odd hours at Clarks this week and I should have earnt the vast majority of the flight so that I can pay off my big overdraft with which I bought the flight! :)

Cat x

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