Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Hakuna Matata

Another post!!

It has just hit me that I'm going to Disney for the summer!!!!! It's like a secondary wave of excitement!! I think it might be because I have had to surpress the feelings of Disneyness over the last 2 weeks what with working more than full time (87.5 hours so far!) and the Links conference but today was my day off and apart from having my hair cut and running out to get rice (after cooking my curry... the forward planning didn't go too well!) I have sat here looking at photos from our past vacations and listening to my endless Disney play list!!! :D Lots of exclamation marks is how I am portraying my excitement!

Apart from the annoying news that Disney will not be picking me up from the airport anymore and instead meeting us at Vista Way (meaning we have to make our own way to Vista...brilliant.) and that I won't get my visa forms until I have sent them a scan of my current CRB form (which is in Bournemouth currently... and I'm not.) all the other news has just made me more excited!! Lots of people on the forums and Facebook groups have been up in arms about the lack of meetage at the airport, considering most people haven't been to Orlando International before, or even travelled on their own. But to be honest, yeah it's a little bit annoying but it's the way it goes! I have given up so much time and effort to get this place in the most magical place in the world so a $14 charge to get to Vista Way and add a bit more adventure to the experience doesn't bother me at all!!

Bring it on!!


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