Tuesday, 11 March 2008


How annoying! I have just written a fat post and it popped up with the ever-annoying "Page Cannot Be Displayed" message and deleted all my penmanship!!

Ok, so basically I was saying about how I hate all this waiting! The last two weeks have not been too bad, I have been keeping busy and stuff. However, yesterday morning I realised that all the ICP interviews were done and dusted, and that Roger and Heather had probably flown back to the USA and were making their decisions about who to offer a job. So yesterday and today I have been sooo nervous... everytime the phone rings it makes me jump. We were told it would be 2-3 weeks until we knew, and today was the 2 weeks mark so I am hoping that anytime this week we will know! I can't go through a whole weekend not knowing!

I have had my phone on vibrate in my pocket for the last two days instead of in my bag, so that I won't miss any calls. It rang at 11am this morning whilst I was paying for a very yummy and very unhealthy mixed berry and white chocolate muffin...I almost had a heart attack. I put all my stuff down to look at my phone and realise it was only my housemate Ben. Argh!

It's just gone 5pm now so that's another day of waiting done... Yummy only work 9-5 so they will ring within that time. I just have to wake up tomorrow and start another whole day of the waiting game! I guess the next time I will write on this blog (providing I don't have to write this post AGAIN!) will be when I know if I have the job or not! Ahhh!!

Cat x

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