Thursday, 13 March 2008

Still waiting...

I know I said the next time I would blog would be when I know if I have the job or not but I had to write about the latest development in the whole process!

Today I got an email from Hannah at Yummy Jobs. Practically had a heart attack until I saw the title of the email "Your earliest availability for the WDWIP". So I kind of knew it wouldn't be telling me if I had the job or not. This was the email:

Good afternoon!

Thank you for taking the time to interview recently for this year’s International College Summer Work Program at Walt Disney World™. As informed on the day, we will be in touch soon with the outcome of your interview.

At this stage Disney is currently collating the final details and we are aware that a large number of people have requested June 22nd as their start date for the program. Due to the numbers of places for each start date being limited we are currently looking for volunteers who are able to start on June 3rd or even May 25th instead, but perhaps put on their application form that they preferred the June 22nd date.

As Roger stated at the presentation, if you are able to give your earliest availability it will give you the best possible chance of being offered a role within the company.

Please could you confirm by 12noon tomorrow, (Friday 14th March), your earliest availability for the program if either the Jun 3rd-Aug 15th or May 25th-Aug 8th dates would be possible for you?

Many thanks and kindest regards,

Hannah London

The really annoying thing is that I would love to fly out earlier than the 22nd June but I can't seen as I wrote on all my forms that I don't finish Uni til the 12th June and really I can't leave any earlier than that because it means it starts interfering with everything going on in Uni. But as I wrote in one of my earlier posts - if one stupid thing such as a date stops me spending the summer at Disney then I will be more than upset!!!

I actually emailed her back saying that I couldn't make the earlier dates but that I would still love to go on the 22nd and I hoped that not being able to fly out earlier wouldn't jeopardise my chances of spending the summer at Disney. I figured it would be better to reply and show my enthusiasm even if it wasn't really telling her anything new... oh, and I dropped a line in at the end asking if we would find out the results of the interview after the weekend. It seems likely, judging on the above email, that I won't be finding out til Monday at the earliest and I don't want to think about a WHOLE weekend of not knowing.

Oh well, it's not like I don't have an essay (haven't started it yet... oops...), a massive editing project, my individual project and an all-night SJA duty to think about at the weekend. :S

Cat x

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