Monday, 17 March 2008

A great, big, beautiful tomorrow?

Following the email last Thursday I have been constantly watching my phone and email to no avail. And today was the same. Except that when I logged onto one of the (EVIL) Macs to start my editing I checked my Hotmail and had an email from Facebook telling me that Izabela (from the interviews... remember?) had posted on my wall. To tell me that she had got in! She had got the email from Yummy!

1. I thought that they were going to phone us!
2. She was applying for the May 25th start date.
3. She got Quick Service F+B

So I frantically went onto WDWIP forums to see if anyone else had been accepted. There were a few posts but all seemed to be from people going on May 25th and June from June 22nd as yet. So that calmed me slightly until I realised that they will obviously start letting the June 22nd people know tomorrow! I can't remember if I posted this in the last blog post but I am not only worried about whether I got through the interview, but also worried about if I even have a place seen as so many people want to fly out on the 22nd. I would be so gutted if I didn't get in just because of the date. I couldn't find any posts from people who had not been accepted although of course this might just be because they didn't want to post. Understandably.

To be honest, I just want to find out now whether I have got the job or not. But I haven't wanted something more than this for a very long time (probably since I wanted to go to BGS)...I keep feeling like I have tempted fate one too many times by making this blog, joining Facebook groups and talking to people about it. This might just be a factor of the waiting... I am starting to think Disney might enjoy making people wait!!

Cat x

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