Tuesday, 19 February 2008

We're soarin', we're flyin'...

Well, I went to find Lizzie (my head of year essentially) yesterday to get her to sign my proof of student form. I explained the whole situation and rambled generally about how I needed her to write that my summer vacation is from 12th June rather than the 4th July (it's when I'm actually free from rather than when the official University summer holiday starts). It's not a lie exactly, it's just a tiny adjustment because there is no way I am letting some stupid thing like a date jeopardise my chance at going to Disney!

Anyway, thankfully she said "I don't see why that would be a problem" so wooohooo! However, she messed up filling in the bit of the form she needed to fill in so I have printed off another one for her to sign on Thursday. The other thing I needed to do was to get a letter stating the aforementioned term dates printed on University letterhead. When going to the "AskBU" desk, I got told "we don't go handing out headed letterpaper". Meh. So instead I found the course administrator and she was very nice about the whole thing. So now I just have to wait 'til Thursday when I can pick up both the letter and the form.

Oh, and grab my birth certificate off Mum on Saturday...it's about the only thing I didn't bring to Uni! And I have to decide what to wear for the interview... it's a question between suit trousers, a shirt and my black coat...or the full suit (trousers and jacket), shirt and depending on the weather my coat... but the question is between whether I should go for the whole very smart, interviewy, business like approach or the very slightly more relaxed, essentially more "fun" look which in my mind is more Disney. It may sound like I am obsessing over a really small thing here, but first impressions always count and anyway, I'm a girl and we always obsess over what to wear!!

Cat x

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