Thursday, 10 July 2008

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down...

Well, exciting trip to the medical center this morning.

I got a taxi to this walk in clinic at 8.30am which only cost $6... cheapest thing of the trip. Went in and had to give my details to the receptionist. Got charged $226 to sit in the waiting room potentially for a doctor.

Then went through to a corridor where I had my blood pressure and temprature (spelling?! for some reason it looks wrong...) taken. Then got taken to a cubicle where I sat and waited for about 20 minutes. Was soooo boring, nothing to do. Eventually at about 9.20am a doctor came in, took one look at my toe and told me it was infected. He looked at my hands and told me I had dyshidrosis which is a rare type of excema that particularly affects people from colder climates when they come to Florida or sub-tropical climates. Diagnosis over, he disappeared and I waited another 25 minutes or so (reeeeallly boring) before he came back with a piece of paper telling me what was wrong and a prescription for antibiotics and steroid cream.

I went through to the pharmacy and got the medication ($103) and then collected all my documents which I need for claiming off my insurance when I get home. Lucky I have my newly acquired credit card to pay for all this! Got a courtesy shuttle home... that's nice of them.. not that I had just spent $323 or anything....


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