Wednesday, 19 March 2008

When you wish upon another star...

Hi everyone! I can finally say that as my blog has now gone global (so to speak!) Apologies if there are spelling or grammar mistakes in this post... I am verrry tired as it has been an emotional and busy day, I've done 10 hours in Uni and only just got home from being in the edit suite since 8pm :)

So, what happened in the last few days then? Well, lots of waiting, agonising and more waiting really. Wondering when the heck Yummy Jobs would contact me...I eventually gave in and emailed them yesterday because I had spent all day convinced I would hear (seen as the May 25th and June 3rd people heard on Monday). Hannah emailed me back saying that "I would hear this week" and that "they were waiting to find out the details from Disney". So I presumed it would probably be on Thurs or Fri.

Weirdly, I always had this little premonition it would be a Wednesday I found out but there we go. So, I left the house at 1.30pm to go into Uni as I was filming some stuff with the Nerve TV people (student TV station) at 3pm and I spent a good hour rushing around, trying to blag some kit... tripod and microphone to be exact.... type up an autocue on powerpoint and generally get things done. Went into W111 (demonstration room) to sort myself out and finish up the powerpoint.... I checked my phone as I went into the room to see no phone calls from Yummy. So then I thought I would just check my emails and there it was... the email from Hannah with the title "Walt Disney World". AHHHH!!

So, I opened the email and all I could see on the page was this:


We hope you enjoyed the recent interviews and would like to thank you once again for coming. On behalf of the Walt Disney World Representatives and all here at Yummy Jobs we would like to say how great it was to meet you.

So of course, at this point I thought the email was going to say "Unfortunately, due to the exceeding number of applicants this year... blah blah..." so tentatively I scrolled down the page. Literally was not even breathing... to see...

I have been given the enjoyable task of being the first to say…..


Disney World would like to offer you a Role in Merchandise on the International College Program starting June 22nd!

We will be calling you to go over the specifics of your role with Disney within the next 2-3 weeks. In the mean time, please do confirm if you are interested in accepting this position and to work at the “ Happiest Place on Earth”!

Please confirm your acceptance by Tuesday, March 25th!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do feel free to ask.

Congratulations Once Again and Have a Magical Day,

Yummy Jobs

I was shaking!! I couldn't believe (and still can't... it really hasn't sunk in yet!) that I have actually been offered the job and will be 'making magic' for 9 whole weeks this summer. Now I just will be counting down to the fly out date! WOOHOO!

Please leave me comments! I will be posting now and again with any updates or when I'm bored probably! I can now officially say, I hope you enjoy this Disney Diary!

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