Wednesday, 27 February 2008

It's still a small world after all...

Ok, so I have had about 9 hours sleep and feel slightly more refreshed than last night so I will continue my mammoth post about the interview day!

So after having a McDonalds, Sarah met up with one of her friends and they headed off, Jaques and I wished good luck to Izabela and Harry who had their interviews shortly and I went off into London to have a bit of a shopping spree. Well, quite a cheap shopping spree as I now have the guilt of spending money when I should be saving it because if I am given the job by Disney I will need as much money as possible for the flight and all the costs (Visa etc...).

So first I got on the tube at Westminster and caught the Jubilee line to Green Park and then the Picadilly Line to Covent Garden. It was lovely and sunny so just had a relaxing walk around the shops, bought a mothers day card for Mum and generally browsed. Got a bit confused direction wise and ended up just walking wherever - seen as I didn't have a map I didn't really know where I was heading. So got to a tube station eventually to find out it was Charing Cross which meant I had practically walked back to where I started!! So got on the tube there and caught the Bakerloo line to Oxford Circus (bit of a false start when I got it heading in the wrong direction and had to get off at Embankment and get back on so that I was on the Western line!) and then the Central Line to Marble Arch. It is funny that although I didn't really know where the restaurant for the interview was, I had looked up where the new Primark on Oxford Street was :-D And I knew it was by Marble Arch tube station. And I was right - yay!

So, I headed across the road to the biggest Primark I have ever seen in my life. Huge is an understatement - it only has 2 floors but the bottom floor was massive. For those BGSians who might be reading this in the future, it was probably the size of the Great Hall :-O It was so busy and full of clothes that I kinda got lost and I think I missed looking in a bit of the bottom floor. It was getting hotter and hotter as well although when I realised that Florida would be hotter than this, ALL the time it actually made me tolerate the heat a bit more! The second floor is a similar size to the bottom floor but it was full of underwear, shoes, pyjamas, mens and childrens clothes. Oh and some home stuff as well. After spending a good 50 minutes in the store, I ended up buying a glittery vest (£4), some bracelets (£1 and £3), a pair of flip flops (£2) and a tankini (£6) but I think I will end up taking the tankini back to our local store. Although it fitted a lot better than I thought it would (with it being Primark and all!) I think I could find something even better. However, all that stuff for £16!

So, needing to cool down after being in that inferno, I went outside and started walking. I spent the next 3 hours walking up and down Oxford Street, Regent Street and Carnaby Street looking in various shops. I didn't really buy much except for an Eeyore drinking glass in the Disney shop (couldn't resist really... :P) and a Subway. Decided I wanted to go somewhere to eat it so jumped back onto the tube at Oxford Circus and went 1 stop down the Victoria line to Green Park. It was starting to get a little chilly and the sun was setting so I ate my Subway on a bench in the park (by the way, the most expensive subway I have ever had... £4.80! Which usually at home costs me about £4.20! The stupid thing is that in America you can get exactly the same thing for the equivalent of about £2.50. Meh.) and then on the thought that there might be wierdos in the park I decided to head for Victoria coach station.

Just a side comment, I think there is something about me that attracts people to ask me stuff in the street. When we were sitting by the Thames eating our McDonalds we had one beggar come up "any change for a cuppa tea?" so I gave him 40p (mainly to make him go away to be honest) and then some random drunk guy asking for a light for his cigarette whilst swigging from a can of White Lightening, or something like that. He was quite amusing actually... he went on and on about the four of us looking like the Muppet Show (I know... wtf?!) and he eventually went away. Once I was on my own, people kept trying to get me to talk to them in the street... I told one charity worker I was busy but then when I walked back down the road he caught me again so I had to talk to him. I kind of lied about myself to him... I told him I was 17 (guarenteed to get you out of anything because you usually have to be 18 to sign up for things!) and that I was still doing my A Levels. Now, it's not that I don't support charity or I don't believe in the causes because I think its very important to raise money for those less fortunate than yourselves... however, I just don't like being caught in the street because it's kind of forcing themselves on you. This guy kept a horribly close distance to me so you couldn't escape his glare... but on realising I was under 20 (so I actually needent of lied...) gave me some facts about the charity and on I went...

Oh, but the most random one was some guy on Oxford Street who came up to me and said "Do you know how to get ahead in London?" whilst eating half a milky way. Errr what!?!

Anyway, I got to Victoria Coach Station and was pretty exhausted from all the walking I had been tried to scab my way onto an earlier coach however unfortunately I had a ticket which because it was so cheap meant I had to get onto the specific coach which I was booked onto. So I had to wait for an hour and a half for my coach (luckily it was Tuesday... thank God for Heat magazine...). At about 9.45pm I walked back to my car and drove home. Was in bed by 11pm :-)

My foot was in big pain when walking back to my car and when I got home I realised why. The nail on my 4th toe had managed to grow into a mini spike and was piercing the skin on my 3rd toe. Gross, I know but bloody painful! I had dried blood all over my toes!! Ewwww!!! That will teach me for wearing stupidly cheap shoes which don't fit properly.

Anyway, if you are still alive after reading this post, that was my day in London. I only go into so much detail because I have been reading Disney blogs in the lead up to my interview and they were really useful in letting me know what to expect so I hope that this blog can be useful to those people who might read it in the same position I was.


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