Wednesday, 17 September 2008

On this magic night, a million stars will play beside us... glittering, shimmering, carouselling...pure enchantment lights the way...

Hello everybody, an update from cold, cloudy England!

Well, it's been 2 1/2 weeks since I got home from Florida. The flight back was ok but pretty boring and I was getting edgy at the end of the flight because I just wanted to get home. Enjoyed my first drink on the plane with dinner because Virgin Atlantic give you free wine!

Getting home was a little emotional but enjoyable! I am enjoying home comforts again now before going back to Uni in a couple of weeks....such as having a bathroom not covered in dark hair (ew!) and NICE FOOD! I got 350 photos printed in Boots and stuck them all in 2 albums plus I have a box full of memories from Disney and I still think it was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I still LOVE Disney but I don't know if I would do the ICP again... definately not this year but never say never! I just don't know if it would live up to the last 3 months! The only bad side about being home is having to go back to Clarks... it is SO boring working there now compared to Disney... I had to get out of the habit of referring to guests and dollars which took a while! I only have a few shifts left until Christmas now thank god!

I forgot to include my very last going above and beyond story in the airport post...

Going back to my last day in Florida... when I was at Downtown Disney. After rearranging my suitcases I realised the fat off Florida guidebook that was in there was quite heavy and bulky so reluctantly I took it out. I wondered around Downtown with it for a bit, contemplating putting it in a bin but feeling bad about doing that when I got a brainwave!! So I saw guest relations in the distance and a woman who looked like she was with her grandson who was wearing mickey ears... I went up to them and said "I'm really sorry for being rude, but how far into your vacation are you?" She seemed a bit taken aback (don't blame her!) and said "Oh, just a couple of days". Brilliant! So I said "Well, I've been a cast member this whole summer and I bought this before I came here but it's too heavy to take home so would you like to have it?" Well, she said yes and was so happy she gave me a hug! It was also her birthday because she had a birthday badge on so I thought it was just perfect and it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside!!

So, signing off on a high note now....

See y'all real soon!


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MariFer said...

Hey Catherine.
My name is MariFer, I'm from Mexico and I'll be arriving at Disney on May 22nd in a merchandise role for the Summer ICP 2012 :)
I'm super excited and I'm so thankful for all the information you've uploaded to the internet :)
I would just like to know about the harvard certificates and the VoluntEars program :)
What do you know about those?
Thanks a lot!